Family water flosser Evorei Boost 3


The Evorei Boost 3 dental irrigator provides effective oral hygiene for the whole family. It is the perfect complement to the daily brushing of your teeth.

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    Complete hygiene
    The toothbrush-floss duo is not enough to maintain proper oral hygiene. Dental plaque, tartar, bits of food and bacterial buildup between your teeth are a serious health risk. That’s why it is vital that you properly clean hard to reach spots in your mouth. Only a dental water flosser can provide you with a precise method of getting rid of dental plaque and reaching the gaps between your teeth. Meet Evorei Boost 3.

    For the whole family
    The Evorei Boost 3 water flosser provides efficient oral care for the whole family. It’s a perfect supplement for your daily brushing. A big water container (600 ml), water pressure regulation, a power button on the handle and 7 different tips provide you with optimal dental cleaning.

    Professional Specialized protection
    Brushing your teeth doesn’t get rid of bits of food or bacteria from the gaps between your teeth. The area you can clean with traditional dental floss is limited to the upper gum line. That’s why dentists recommend using jets of water for optimal oral hygiene. Evorei Boost 3 is a water flosser made with providing you and your family with complex dental hygiene in mind.

    Magnetic handle
    The handle of the device automatically attaches itself to the base of the water flosser, which makes Boost 3 very easy to use.

    Gums in great condition
    Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Not taking care of your gums properly may cause serious damage to your teeth or even cause some of them to fall out. That’s why you should pay special attention to your gums when cleaning your mouth. By using the Boost 3 water flosser as a part of your daily hygiene, you can help prevent many oral diseases.

    5 in 1 hygiene
    he Evorei Boost 3 water flosser has 7 specialized tips for cleaning.

    Non-slip suction cupc
    The Evorei Boost 3 water flosser is a perfect solution for your whole family. You don’t need to worry about the battery running out – the device is plugged into a power source. The casing of the water flosser has 4 non-slip legs with suction cups that stabilize the device.

    Use the Evorei Boost 3 water flosser if you want to ensure proper oral hygiene, your gums bleed when flossing, you have teeth that tightly press against each other, you wear dental braces or if you have partial detnal prosthetics. The magnetic handle of the Evorei Boost 3 water flosser lets you set the water pressure from one of the 10 settings and the end with the tip can be rotated in a 360° range. You can adjust the direction and power of the water stream to your needs and preferences.

    Protection from periodontitis
    Evorei Boost 3 flushes out bits of food and dental plaque that are left in gum pockets after brushing your teeth, while also cleaning the surface around dental braces, implants and bridges. It provides a maximum level of hygiene, and more importantly – protects you from bacterial buildup. Evorei Boost 3 prevents gun inflammation, which can lead to periodontitis.

    Compartment under the lid
    The Evorei Boost 3 family irrigator is excellent stationary device. Large tank capacity for water (600 ml), a magnetic holder and a special compartment on the tips ensure comfort of use for the whole families. You can store the tips under the cover of the device, so you will always have them at hand.

    Big water tan
    The Evorei Boost 3 water flosser was made with use by the whole family in mind – that’s why the device is so functional and comes with a big water tank. A 600 ml water tank makes a standard washing cycle longer, letting you floss your teeth more efficiently. The water tank has an easy to read scale and is not built into the device, making it easy to clean and fill up.

    The waterproof design of the water flosser lets you easily use it in your bathroom or other humid rooms.



    Water pulsation:

    1400 ~ 1800 impulses per min

    Pressure range

    20 ~ 120PSI





    Waterproof rating:

    IPX7 – device / IPX4 – handle

    Tip adjustment:



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    118x118x193 mm

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    1055 g


    140,5×207,5×104,5 mm