Portable water flosser Evorei Boost 2


Evorei Boost 2 is an irrigator created in accordance with the recommendations of dentists The device thoroughly removes plaque, food residues and loose tartar.

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    Complete hygiene
    Proper oral hygiene is more than just brushing your teeth. According to dentists today, brushing your teeth and using traditional dental floss is not enough. It’s important to clean hard-to-reach spots as well. The Boost 2 water flosser will reach deep into the gaps between your teeth, get rid of dental plaque and tartar and improve the health of sensitive gums.

    4 Replaceable tips
    4 classic water flosser tips are used for regularly cleaning gaps between teeth, gums, periodontal pockets and other hard to reach places in your oral cavity. The tips have seals in two different colours, making it easier to tell the different tips apart and letting several people use the same device.

    The rotary ring at the end of the handle of the device lets you turn the tip of the water flosser both left and right in a 360° range, letting you easily reach each spot between your teeth.

    Professional care Boost 2
    Evorei Boost 2 is a water flosser made according to the recommendations made by dentists. The device carefully washes away dental plaque, bits of food and loose tartar.

    You can stop the flossing process at any moment. Use the on/off button at the base of the device or the pause button on the handle. Additionally, the water flosser has a built-in timer and automatically turns off after 150 seconds of use.

    Do it Your way
    Bleeding gums, tooth braces, implants or maybe just food notoriously getting stuck between your teeth? There can be many reasons for you to pick up a water losser. The Evorei Boost 2 water flosser is a perfect device to improve your oral hygiene. Most importantly, it has 5 levels of water pressure regulation – from the delicate 20 psi setting up to a powerful 100 psi water jet. You can easily adapt it to your needs.

    Healthier gums
    Sensitive, bleeding gums and inflammations can even cause your teeth to fall out. The Boost 2 water flosser is a great method to clean problematic spots without the pain that traditional dental floss can cause. A delicate water jet can also improve the state of your gums, consequently preventing many illnesses

    The waterproof design of the water flosser lets you easily use it in your bathroom or other humid rooms

    Carrying case
    The Evorei Boost 2 wireless water flosser is a great, mobile choice for any travelling person. It’s quite small when taken apart and has a special compartment for the tips, making it fully portable. Compact size, easy assembly and disassembly and a stylish carrying case let you take it with you for a business trip or a vacation.



    Pulsacja wody:

    1400 ~ 1800 impulses per min






    2000mAh Li



    Regulacja końcówki:


    Zakres ciśnienia:

    5 levels


    0,48 kg



    Kod EAN:


    Kod CN:


    Waga pudełka:

    648 g

    Wymiary pudełka:

    156x98x124 mm